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This is my entry on the LD 38 game jam!

An unfinished game that allows building, resource gathering and derpy wierd mechanics!

It includs: music (not mine but not copy-righted, credit given), derpy art style (kind of), building, two layers of height, storage, and random world generations (kind of, the main level build is the same, but with little slight changes)

Controls and Credits are mentioned in the game! Also, before you go judging, the music was pre-made, and I'm just using it now because I don't have the time to make one (and because this track is way better than anything I could ever make). Aside from that, this is my first time participating in this event, so the game is BOUND to be not finished. I am not used to this kind of speed programming and art making, so don't be too hursh!

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Published Apr 24, 2017
Tags2D, derpy, Ludum Dare 38, small-world

Install instructions

This game is so small that it can just be compressed down to a single .exe file!

Just double click and play! That simple!


LD78 Small Derpy World.exe 3 MB