A downloadable game for Windows

This is an Undertale fangame, based on the genocide route.

The game is a pure-avoidance bullet-hell type game, with two sets of battles

The Normal Battles, in which normal rules are applied, and some extra might be added on each battle.

The Story Mode ones, in which there are currently two easy-difficulty Genocide Toriel and Papyrus Fights,

and the True Genocide one, where the difficulty and satisfaction of killing Toriel is meant to represent the death of Sans from the original game.

I should also mention, that all the battles have been done in a no-hit-run challenge, and the videos for that are in this playlist.

More battles will be created as time goes by, and even some comment suggestions may make it into the Normal Battle series.

Install instructions

Download the .exe file, double click and check the tutorial.

Yea, it doesn't get simpler than that!


SinlessGenocide.exe 55 MB

Development log